Common Core 4th Grade Division

Let`s talk about division this is the fourth grade Common Core division and let`s just come up with a problem first because it`s going to help us understand the parts of a division problem so let`s say you have 42 and that is divided by 3 right that`s the that`s the equation of aid of a division problem 42 divided by 3 now I don`t expect that you`d know what 42 divided by 3 is but I do so I`m just going to put the answer in there because we really want to just talk about the parts of a problem 42 divided by 3 is 14 ok so we`re going to find out how we can check that and we`re going to know that later but mostly I wanted to make sure we talked about the parts of a division problem and we have this right let`s break this into pieces this would be the equation form right we have we have four numbers here all right so the first part right the 42 is going to be called our dividend this part right here is our dividend all right perfect all right next part here the 3 is what is called the divisor and what`s the answer in a division problem called you might not know this yet right but that is called a quotient Q u o TI e and T quotient.

We know the parts of our division problem the first number is our dividend the middle number is our divisor and the answer and a division problem is called a quotient and the reason I mention this is because we have to learn how to set up division problems using the standard form of a division problem right so let`s draw our Division bar right there now we have to decide where do all these pieces we know all these pieces go right well the dividend.

Is going to go on the inside right this is going to be the dividend and the divisor the the divisor the number that tells us how many pieces we`re going to split our dividend into right that goes on the outside all right now we`re going to figure out how to divide three into 42 but let me just put our answer up here all right you`re gonna have to trust me on this one just for the moment because I want to let you know that that`s where our answer is going to go our quotient the answer to the problem right is right there
Good that`s the part this is the equation that you`ll see of a division problem this is the standard form and this is the various pieces we use so when we talk about the divisor we`ll know we`re talking about or if we ask about the dividend we know we`re talking about and we have our answer we can say the quotient is in this case it`s going to be 14 all right so let`s move on and now let`s break it all down into pieces and we`ll build it back up to the point we understand exactly how this works so as we get started here I want you to remember a funny little sang right that dangerous monkeys swing backwards right swinging from tree to tree is hard enough going in the right direction could you imagine going backwards that would make you a dangerous monkey wouldn`t it so dangerous monkeys swing backwards and we need to remember that because what that`s going to remind us of is the D in dangerous is going to remind us that we need to divide right and the M in monkeys is going to remind us about multiplication and the S in swing is going to remind us to subtract right and the B and backwards is going to remembers to bring down the next number if it`s available right and we`re going to talk about that right now so let`s go back to that original problem we had right what was that it was three goes into 42 alright and now using this method which requires us to remember that dangerous monkey swing backwards we`re going to divide and then we`re going to multiply and we`re going to sum subtraction and we`re going to bring down the next number and we`re going to do it in this order again divisions about the ability to do this the same thing in the same order every time to complete our task and our task is to figure out if we took 42 and broke it into three pieces how many numbers how much would each piece be worth right we had 42 cookies and three friends to share them with how many cookies would each friend get
First thing we`re going to do is divide and it`s asking us to say we`re going to do one digit at a time so three goes into four not into the 42 one digit at a time so 3 goes into four how many times how many how many whole threes can you get to go into four right well we know that`s one right so we can get one and we`re going to put that right up above into our line which is going to be what what`s this we`re developing up here our quotient right the first number and our quotient is going to be a 1 so we so we`ve divided 3 goes into 4 one time now let`s work on the multiplication and what we`re going to do is we`re going to multiply the 1 times the 3 and sometimes you`ll see even teachers even just say we`ll draw like this a little times right to remind you that 1 times 3 right and what is 1 times 3 simple enough 1 times 3 is 3 and we`re going to put our 3 right here right so 1 times 3 and the 3 goes right here now what`s next the swing the substance obtained what are we going to subtract we`re going to subtract the 4 minus 3 what is 4 minus 3 4 minus 3 leaves us with 1 right so that we have that done and now let`s go back up and see what we do next we go we the backwards remind us to bring down bring down what are we going to bring down right we`re going to bring down the next number and we`re going to put it right below that line this is where our two goes right and now we`re going to look and we`re going to we`re going to start all over again we`re going to go back to the beginning we we divided we multiplied we subtracted and we brought down so now we have to go back to the dividing and now we should have a number that falls within our math facts we should be able to know what three right goes into twelve right we take 12 and we divide it by three what do we get right three times what is 12 3 times 4 and 4 goes into our quotient line right 4 goes into our quotient line and so we know now we`ve divided now we have to do what we have to multiply right we`re going to go right down the line we`re going to multiply 4 not 14 for the number we just came up with times 3 right and we can do that by showing you 4 times 3 right 4 times 3 is what go 4 times 3 is 12 we`re going to put our 12 down we`re going to follow our guidelines up here we just multiplied what`s next we`re going to subtract all right 2 minus 2 is 0 1 minus 1 is 0 there`s nothing else that we`re all done we have we have nothing down here and at the same time we have nothing to bring down which would be our last thing to do right so we have our answer and now we know that 3 goes into 42 14 times the quotient of the problem 42 divided by 3 is 14.

We were able to do that because we stayed nice and organized and followed a method of dividing multiplying subtracting and then bringing down all right so now let`s do a couple of these again using the same method in a quick reform so we can get into a nice rhythm of doing this.

This first example let`s do this let`s go with eighty five divided by five right that`s a number that`s outside of our fact families of knowing our numbers between 1 and 12 when they`re multiplied together what does that equal well I`m going to set this up and the method we learned right I`m going to draw my division bar I`m going to put my dividend right my dividend 85 on the inside I`m going to put my divisor on the outside that`s the 5 and then I`m going to use this method we learned today right dangerous monkeys swing backwards first thing I`m going to do is divide how many times does 5 go into 85 well 5 goes into 85 one time and then I`m going to multiply one times five and one times five is five right and then I`m going to subtract right I`m going to subtract eight let me put that down 8 minus 5 is 3 and then I`m going to bring down write the backwards the be the bring down my 5 and look at that now I have a number that is inside my fact families that I know that 5 does go into 35 evenly that 5 times what is 35 well we`re dividing again right 5 goes into 35 how many times it goes in 7 times right and so now all I have to do is multiply 7 times 5 following along going right down my line again multiplying 7 times 5 is 35 and then I`m going to subtract like I should and I get 0 35 – 35 is all of them there`s nothing to bring down my answer is complete and the quotient the answer to my problem right is 17 there it is 1785 divided by 5 is 1780 5 divided by 5 is 17 all right let`s move on to another one all right let`s make this one a little harder but not really as long as we follow as long as you follow our given method right let`s do 72 divided by 2.

Same thing let`s set up our division bar we`re going to put our dividend and where it belongs 72 put our divisor where it belongs on the outside and then we`re just going to get to work using the method where we`re getting into the rhythm of up here right first thing divide 7 divided by 2 2 goes into 7 how many times it goes in three times right 2 times 3 is what 2 times 3 is 6 what do we do next we subtract 7 minus 6 you`re left with 1 then you`re going to bring down right bring down your two it`s always good to draw that arrow to make sure you understood where your 2 came from and look at that again we`re left with a number that`s inside the fact family of what we should know two times what is 12 2 to goes into 12 how many times 12 divided by 6 we`re back at the division bar 12 divided by 2 rather is 6 all right so we put our 6 up here and then 6 times 2 right multiplying 6 times 2 6 times 2 is what it`s 12 and following along we`re going to subtract we get 0 there`s nothing to bring down nothing left to bring down we have our answer and there`s our answer 72 72 sorry about that 72 divided by 2 is 36.

Let`s try one more for this one let`s do a big number let`s do 96 divided by 3 all right this won`t be hard we`re getting into the swing of it we`re going to cut continually use our method we have up here and this time let`s stay focused on how neatly we write and how organized and in columns we keep our numbers right so let`s make our division bar nice and even let`s put our dividend where it belongs the 96 let`s clearly write a divisor where it belongs and now let`s get to work the first thing we`re going to do is divide we`re going to divide nine divided by three three times what can go into nine evenly right well we know that`s simple that`s three look let`s sorry for the pen right three times three is what we`re multiplying 3 times 3 is 9 right now look what happens here here 9 minus 9 is 0 that`s not going to bother us because what do we do after we subtract 9 minus 9 is 0 we`re going to bring down right and so we have something to bring down and it`s a 6 right so we have our 6 to bring down we`re just going to keep going we`re going to go back to the beginning right we just brought down our number now we`re going back to the D the divide dividing 6 divided by 3 right 3 times what is 6 well we know that that`s simple to write and then we`re going to multiply 2 times 3 2 times 3 is 6 we`re going to subtract that`s what`s next in line we get 0 and in this time we have nothing else to bring down so we know our numbers complete so now we know 96 96 divided by 3 is the quotient the answer we just developed right 32 and that`s our number right and of course if we ever we were uncertain about any of our answers right we know we can always go back and multiply right in this case we could multiply 32 times 3 all right and what will we get 3 times 2 is 6 3 times 3 is 9 our answers match right and so we know we`ve answered our we`ve got the correct answer to our problem all right so there`s a bunch of worksheets out there that you can help yourself and and do some division you have any questions let me know and good luck I`ll see you soon

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