The Common Core State Standards

At every grade level our children need clear and consistent standards for what they are expected to learn in the past few years 45 states have come together to raise their expectation of students and create consistent shared learning standards the Common Core State Standards will lead all students to know more by the time they graduate high school and ensure that our kids are prepared for success in a global economy the new standards are designed for a deeper learning in fewer topics they aim for mastery not memorization and create learning that sticks fewer standards means teachers have more scope to customize their lesson plans and teaching methods to meet the needs of their students in addition to stories your third grader will read more nonfiction texts that provide facts and knowledge the level of what they read at school will be more challenging and will be asked questions where they need to support their answers with details from the text spy teen evidence from the text please I think it means like something third-graders will build a strong varied vocabulary so they can read and understand harder texts in Common Core classrooms kids talk to each other and test their understanding through sharing and asking questions he wasn`t really paying that much attention like he wasn`t like getting paid all his attention yeah and when like he could have just like the duck could have just dropped the have I accident in the fridge just kind of been acting like he took the Hat instead common core math focuses on deep concept understanding fluency and math skills and solving problems using critical thinking third graders will become fluent in adding and subtracting numbers up to 100 and they will solve problems by multiplying and dividing whole numbers up to 10 times 10 I think I wishes skip combine forwards to get to 24 Tony Tony in third grade your kids will learn about fractions they will also learn about area and solve word problems that involve measuring time and wait in common core math classrooms kids are active learners developing skills and deep understanding through collaboration ends on discovery and sustained practice ask your third grader to show you their school work and talk to them about what they found easy and what they found hard your teacher can tell you what skills and content 3rd grade should master and whether your child is on track make time for your third grader to read something every day show your kids you value reading by letting them see you read for information and pleasure for math practice addition and multiplication facts together on the way home from school or before dinner for kids common core is about learning that sticks each year building on the last and being engaged in active learners for parents Common Core provides clarity about what your child should be learning regardless of where you live for teachers Common Core provides opportunities to share resources and ideas and to focus on what matters we all want our children to succeed the common core state standards are a step in the right direction to help our kids our teachers and our nation to be the best we can be

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